What does upcycling mean?

It means that we rescue all the misfit fruit that is destined for the landfill and turn all the bumped and bruised, misshapen and sad produce and turn it into premium nutritional supplements.  

Will I build muscle with vegan protein?

Yes. Whole plant foods are an exceptional source of protein and the amino acid profile of plant protein is just as robust as meat.

Is your packaging sustainable or recyclable?

We’ve opted for bags for some of our products and are moving towards all products coming in recyclable packaging. Now, while we’re doing this you may have some jars and they are recyclable but they also have many uses!

Decorative plant pot
Use for other dry foods or as a place to house leftovers
Swear Jar

    Are your products organic?

    If we only took the organic produce, think about all the great fruits and vegetables that would go to the landfill! The answer is no. Do it for the planet!

    Are your products safe for children?

    Our Plant-Stong Protein and Super Greens, absolutely. Even better, they won’t know they’re getting a few servings of fruits and vegetables when you make them a chocolate smoothie 

    Do you sponsor races, events and athletes?

    We’d love that! If you have a race or event or athlete in mind please email sponsorship@outcastfood.com


    Got any other questions?