Upcycling Produce To Save The Planet & Create Innovative Products

by Outcast Foods

Upcycling Produce To Save The Planet & Create Innovative Products - Outcast Upcycled Nutrition

Dr. Darren Burke, Co-Founder and CEO of Outcast Foods sits down to discussion expansion plans with Bill Spur of the Chronicle Herald.

The Chronicle Herald was in our zero waste facility a few days ago and featured us in a full page story on the front page of the business section of the paper. The timing was perfect as we have been ramping up our upcycling capacity to handle the onboarding of new farms, food processors and several new grocer partners.

Our food science team has been very active developing custom protocols for every different type of fruit and vegetable so that we optimize the yield and eliminate food waste. "Often times this means all hands on the production floor as we get large truck loads of everything from local apples to imported organic strawberries from California" said Dr. Darren Burke Outcast CEO.

"In addition to increasing upcycling capacity we have been working with a number of engineers to plan the expansion into a much larger facility in a strategic location near local farms and food processors, while also located near major trucking routes for the outbound of our finished goods to customers all over the world" said TJ Galiardi Outcast CMO.

You can check out this great article written by Bill Spur of the Chronicle Herald at this link: https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/business/local-business/burnside-produce-upcycler-outcast-foods-moving-to-annapolis-valley-expanding-464354/