by Outcast Foods


HALIFAX, NS / TORONTO, ON –July 13, 2021 – Outcast Foods, a Canadian food technology company that rescues cast-off produce which is upcycled into supplements and other ingredients, announces that their upcycling facility is Organic Certified. In addition, this new certification helped secure an exciting supplier partnership with Concord, Ontario based Riverside Natural Foods Ltd., the makers of the MADE GOOD® brand.

As one of Canada’s leaders in the better for you and healthy food space, Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. joins forces with Outcast with a shared vision in addressing the global food waste crisis. Specifically, Outcast has partnered with the Riverside Naturals R&D and supply chain teams on several projects, including identifying ingredients in existing products that can be replaced with Outcast upcycled ingredients and a few new products in development that could incorporate Outcast upcycled ingredients.

Through the benefit of Outcast’s established relationships with farms, food processors and grocers, this partnership offers Riverside the flexibility of locally sourced and high-quality ingredients for their portfolio of products, as well as the ability to support sustainable initiatives that reduce food waste.

Nima Fotovat, President of Riverside comments, “This is a tremendous opportunity to create impact. With the desire of our brands incorporating Outcast ingredients into their formulations, this gives us the opportunity to create greater market influence, thus reducing more waste. It is no secret the volume of perfectly edible food that is wasted every day and we are excited about what this means for food waste mitigation from a pure product development lens.”

This potential partnership comes on the heels of Outcast’s official Organic Certification.  The accreditation is issued by TCO Cert, a non-profit, member owned, Canadian Food Inspection Agency-accredited Certification body controlled under Canada’s Organic Regime.

About Outcast Foods Outcast Foods is a plant-based technology company that takes misfit, unsellable or cast-off produce and turns it into clean, sustainable, nutrient-dense food for wholesale, retail and consumer use. Business-to-business (B2B) products include upcycled fruit and vegetable pieces and powders, and customized blends of powders. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) branded products include various formulations of upcycled plant-based proteins, vitamins, and greens that give customers peas-of-mind that they are eating their way to a more sustainable future. Outcast Foods branded products are available online and at select retailers across Canada and the U.S. and upcycled ingredients wholesale direct from the company.

About Riverside Naturals Our vision at Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. is to make a difference by creating healthy products of which we can be proud. We research, create, manufacture, market and sell innovative products that offer healthier alternatives to all consumers. We strive to be the hub for continuous innovation and creativity in healthy snacking. We believe in leaving things better than we found them. Be it the environment we inhabit, the people we encounter, or the communities we work with. Our path to success runs through this belief system. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation® and Zero Waste Certified. MADE GOOD® products are manufactured and distributed by Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. http//www.madegoodfoods.ca